How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last on Average?
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It can be difficult to determine the best kind of fence for your home, particularly if you're not sure of which one will last for a long time. Let's examine the qualities of vinyl fences , and then we'll examine the pros and cons of vinyl versus wood.
In case you're trying to keep your children inside or keep alligators out Vinyl could be the best option for you. The days of cheap, thin vinyl are over since the materials, designs, and patterns have been refined. A revolutionary substance has been added to improve toughness and longevity.
What is the length of time a fence made of vinyl lasts? Here are some facts to know about them.

The answer is between 20 and 30 years, although it depends on how you perform the following four steps.

1. Choose a Sensible Location
The life expectancy of vinyl fences is a significant factor with the place you put it. Before making a choice take into consideration the setting that it will be situated in.
Are the grounds uneven or muddy? Do you see a lot of weak trees around and/or are there a lot of forested areas? This could reduce the fence's duration.
The lifespan of vinyl fences can be extended if the area is solid, free of weak trees and fairly low. It is also possible to construct fences on the slope. This is known as "racking" a fence.

2. Install It Properly
When constructing your fence made of vinyl, make careful not to set the posts too close. If you do, the fence will become too rigid. It requires some flexibility in order to withstand the force of powerful winds.
Another method of ensuring it is sturdy enough is to make holes six inches deeper than the recommended depth. This will allow for the gravel to be placed under the posts to give them additional strength. The vinyl fence should be kept free of debris and rocks.
Install corner posts first before the rest, and be aware that gate posts are provided with separate directions. Professional installation can improve fence life span and save you time and money.
You can do it by yourself because it's pretty easy to complete and doesn't require any hardware. This is an absolute benefit in terms of aesthetics since no hardware is exposed. This will not distract from the overall look and no visible corrosion.

3. Maintain and Inspect It Regularly
Simply clean your fence every 3 to 6 months using the garden hose or the power washer. Alternatively, you can make use of warm water and mild soap and the use of a cloth. To remove any mould or bacteria that may be present add a bit of vinegar or bleach to the mixture.
How long will vinyl last when you clean it regularly? If you do this consistently, it will last for about 5-7 years longer than when you didn't wash it in any way.
At least two times a year check it for indications of wear or other maintenance problems that might be apparent. If you find something that requires attention, take action and fix the issue as soon as possible so that it doesn't grow into a bigger problem in the future.

4. Trim Overhanging Branches
Remove any large or medium branches of trees hanging over your fence, as they may fall and cause the fence to be damaged. From all the possible causes of damage to vinyl fences, tree branches falling over the fence is the most destructive.
The fences are tough enough to be a threat to anything other than natural disasters, vehicles crashing through them or a huge animal that is chasing them with lots of determination.

Some F.A.Q. below:

Vinyl vs Wood
The traditional privacy fence made of wood has been overpowered in terms of toughness and durability by modern fencing made of vinyl. Vinyl won't stop a truck from moving and it won't stop the most durable of fences made of wood. Due to the addition of titanium oxide into the formula for vinyl, it is the winner.

What Is Titanium Oxide?
Titanium oxide, with its incredible stability and extremely low toxicity it protects vinyl from sun damage, degrading and yellowing in time. This is why the vinyl fencing material is one of the strongest fencing materials available currently.
Also known as titanium dioxide It could be a sound that you can hear. It's also an active component in sun protection! This means that your fence is built with sun protection right at the gate.

Visual Appeal
There are a variety of gorgeous vinyl fence designs that you can pick from to enhance the appearance of your property. There are many designs available, some of which are almost like wood. Vinyl is also a great option, and you don't need to be concerned about staining or painting.

When you compare the cost of the two options, you'll have to pay extra upfront for vinyl fences, but you'll save on the long-term cost. But this is also not entirely true. No wooden fence will have a sleek look of a PVC fence unless it is very expensive treated timber with multi coat painting job. This instantly makes the PVC fence 2 to 4 times cheaper than the next alternative that satisfies the eye. Leave alone the maintenance costs associated with keeping that fence looking good.
Fences made of wood require more care repair, maintenance, and replacements. If not taken care of, they may often develop dry rot or draw termites.

Fire Safety
Wooden fences could be an ignition hazard if they aren't maintained in a timely manner, but vinyl is extremely difficult to ignite due to its high content of chlorine. It's a self-extinguishing, fire-resistant material. This is one reason why it's so popular in the construction of homes as well.

Temperature Tolerance
You may be wondering "How long will a vinyl fence last in extreme climates?". Contrary to wood (or iron, for that matter) it can endure sudden temperature fluctuations. It won't break in the cold or corrode during hot environments.

Vinyl Fencing Wins for Longevity!

So, how long can the vinyl fence last if you take into account all of these elements? It depends on the location as well as the quality of installation and maintenance (which is easy).

It can last longer than its wood equivalent by many years, or even for decades. An excellently maintained, top-quality fence made of wood will last for around 14 years, whereas a vinyl one can last for 30 years!

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